Ideas to Improve Tradewind

We're gathering ideas from our community to improve how we operate Tradewind's ecosystem. We appreciate your insights and will prioritize development of new ideas based on support from our ecosystem participants. Please note: this idea management platform is not FEDRAMP compliant or housed in a secure data center. YOUR IDEA SUBMISSION WILL BE PUBLICLY VIEWABLE. The submitter hereby confirms they are NOT submitting any classified, ITAR-restricted or CUI information. All idea submissions are shared with IN3 (the Tradewind management team) and the DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center.


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    Connect the member portal

    We will connect the member portal to the website

    Prescott Paulin
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  2. Continuing to Increase Transparency for Upcoming Efforts

    Industry would appreciate continued JAIC and Tradewind efforts to increase transparency into the timing, nature/type, scope, and monetary size/scale of future efforts. Some of this transparency has been started with websites and automated emails (with information) directing users via links. That should continue. And there is also, additional value in extending out as far as possible insights into the JAIC's pipeline so that industry can create and qualify its own pipelines. Ideally, we'd be able to see JAIC opportunities a year or more out (many qualified pipelines stretch YEARS out) and be able to plan scarce resources, position ourselves internally, and/or team or partner externally accordingly. Finally, once a JAIC or Service (Army, Navy, AF, Marines, Space Force) effort is being conceived, why not begin an industry-wide conversation to convey vision and intent, and let industry ask questions about specifics in order to best propose how we would execute on that vision? Thanks!

    Brendan H
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  3. Introductions to Diverse DoD User Groups

    Help small businesses connect to DoD user groups that can benefit from relevant expertise. These companies may have points of connection within a specific military branch, based on their existing network, but they find it difficult to reach into other / different services. (Submitted by Cindi from Duality Systems)

    Prescott Paulin
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  4. Macon Crawford

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  5. Some ideass

    Search and list directory of all members and their services, allow them to post videos of their firm List of all opportunities Directions to submit a White Paper for published BAA topics List of all PM's at the JAIC and their role 5 minute video from each JAIC pm on what they do, what they are looking for, and how industry can help. List of AI/ML pain points for DoD. "I wish I had _, so that I could ___." List of ways the JAIC could be improved populated by industry. Topics of interest hubs where companies and PM's can all jam on problems together. Constant pole all users to allow them to indicate their confidence in the DoD's AI/ML offensive and defensive ability. Where are we weak, why, and should it be prioritized? List of other groups, or originations within the DoD/IC that are jamming on similar problems.

    John C
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  6. Establish a process that supports partnering among ecosystem members.

    Ecosystem members have unique technologies and capabilities that can likely be leveraged through partnering with one another. For example, two smaller businesses may find synergies among their offerings that create a potential solution that each alone cannot offer. Also, some of the smaller businesses may need alliances (permanent or temporary) with larger companies to leverage their unique IP or overcome opportunity cost obstacles to participation. Partnering can also help members realize opportunities outside the DoD AI ecosystem.

    Joel G
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  7. Opportunity info sessions to inform the Tradewind ecosystem of upcoming project(s)/RFPs (what, why, who, etc.) followed by a brief Q&A.

    One of the biggest challenges from the vendor community is having actionable intel to provide a comprehensive and articulate solution. This is even more evident with responses that require limited page count. In return, it helps government understand how industry is thinking about solving the problem and to receive submissions from vendors that may not have traditionally participated. Without slowing the acquisition, I would recommend the government release a draft solicitation or 'problem statement', followed quickly (same week) with an info session to provide additional information to potential submitters. Providing Q&A allows for all parties involved to gain a better understanding of the who, what, where, why, when. From experience, the Q&A has also helped shape partnerships.

    Alec L
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  8. Data Governance and Data Access

    Find ways to improve data access for AI developers. (Submitted by Tiffany Labbe)

    Prescott Paulin
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  9. AI developer support

    Find ways to best support AI application developers & users across the DOD via the JAIC. (Submitted by Charlie G.)

    Prescott Paulin
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  10. Tradewind Regional Events

    Establish regional events for members and government stakeholders to meet each other and learn about capabilities as much as requirements.

    Prescott Paulin
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